About Us

Mercedes Carrillo. A counsellor and certified massage therapist.

Allied Health Professional

Welcome to Anchored Within.  We help you obtain health and well being with both body and mind. 

Mercedes is a counsellor and psychotherapist offering cognitive behaviour therapy and clinical hypnosis and counselling.  She is a certified and registered member of the ACH, AHA, AABCT meeting Australian mental health standards. With a background in anatomy and physiology as a remedial massage therapist this makes her an expert in the treatment of holistic medical massage.


Here we focus on mental health (and physical well being) including social, emotional and psychological states all of which work hand in hand, and just like physical health, mental health operates on a continuum.


You can be completely disabled by problems or live a pretty happy fulfilling life, or fall somewhere in-between these two extremes at different points in your life. So what is the secret to a happy life balance you may ask? We are here to help you find your work life balance.


We offer a user friendly online counselling environment where you can build and integrate a sense of community or enjoy a private counselling consultation.


Due to Covid19 outbreak quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing we have integrated online video chats for private consultation or 

group therapy.


 We use Zoom, Meets, Whatsapp, Facetime, Messenger, Youtube and google hangouts for counselling or hypnosis or CBT cognitive behavioural therapy.


Mercedes invites you to start removing unwanted thoughts and behaviors then you can be the person you really want to be now.  You can also make time for a medical massage for treatment of a pre-existing medical condition.